In addition to the metal alkoxide, the sol-gel contains water, reactive metal salt, if desired, such as CuNo3, Cu-Acetate Pd-acetate to induce catalytic action for seeding, and a catalyst for the gelation reaction.
The sol-gel compositions contain a metal alkoxide such as tetramethoxysilane, titanium isopropoxide, trimethyl borate and tributyl borate.
The method of claim 1 wherein said metal alkoxide is selected from the group of alkoxide of titanium, boron, and silica.
B) Applying to said substrate a liquid sol-gel wherein said sol-gel comprises a metal alkoxide;
B) 前記基材に金属アルコキシドを含む液体ゾル/ゲルを付与する工程と、
Specific examples of the sol provided include substances obtained by hydrolyzing and condensing an alkoxide, an acetylacetonate, an acetate or a nitrate of metal.