At the bottom of the central bar, 12 the lower conductive layer 24 is biased by connection thereof to an electrical power source 32.
Inasmuch as the central bar 12 is clamped at both ends thereof by means of the clamping components or blocks 18,20, it responds non-linearly, and resonant forces are generated at frequencies (IS+LO) and (IS-LO), assuming that the IS signal is at a higher frequency than the LO signal.
The MEMS 10 device consists of a central bar 12 which is clamped at both ends 14,16 thereof, as represented by diagrammatically shown blocks 18 and 20.
a) an elongated vibratable mechanical resonance element having opposite clamped ends, said resonance element being constituted of an electrically insulative material, said resonance element having a first electrically conductive layer on one surface thereof and a second electrically conductive layer arranged on a second opposite surface thereof;
The retainer 13 is made of a material such as a synthetic resin, a metal, or glass, and includes a disc part 13a, and plural channels 13b formed in an axial direction of the disc part 13a substantially over the length thereof.
The valve 12 is made of a synthetic resin having elasticity, or a like material, and includes a solid small-diametrical cylinder part 12a, a solid large-diametrical cylinder part 12b concentrically formed with the small-diametrical cylinder part 12a, and a cutaway part 12c formed in a diametrical direction of the small-diametrical cylinder part 12a at one end thereof.
In the publication, the balloon catheter for pulmonary artery is equipped with a gas release/safety member in an inlet (air supply port) thereof for inflating the balloon, and an inlet socket.
For instance, an endotracheal tube employed in artificial respiration is used in a state that an end of the tube is inserted into the mouth of a patient (via oral) or into the nostril of the patient (via nasal), and the other end thereof is connected with a respirator.
and a ramifying-side side hole in the vicinity of an operator-side end thereof;
the second lumen having a cuff-side side hole in the vicinity of a patient-side end thereof,
and extending through a second lumen by a partial length thereof,
the catheter main body extending through a first lumen over the entire length thereof,